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SAP email has been a constant source of complaint, with users unhappy about both the poor look and feel of SAP emails and the use of PDF attachments to share content rather than including it in the e-mail body itself.  With HTML emails proving so difficult and expensive to develop in SAP, there have been limited options for those who want to deliver relevant content in an engaging way.

Before and After FloeT-Systems are empowering organisations to deliver effective and impactful communications for any SAP email communications, enabling you to delight your customers and employees alike. Organisations using SAP now have a powerful, cost effective email solution available to them called Floe, from T-Systems’ partner Arch.



  • Make all your existing SAP generated emails dramatically better and transform the impression you make on your customers
  • Replace clunky PDF attachments with captivating HTML emails that deliver a lot of information in an attractive way, alongside the branding and messaging you want
  • Do it all yourself! Floe has a Fiori-based email builder which makes it really easy to use

Floe integrates completely into your SAP processes, enabling you quickly and easily transform documents like remittance advices, purchase orders and statements, as well as internal communications like workflow reminders and notifications.

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