Understand the vulnerabilities in your OT network

As your business looks to capitalise on the introduction of digital practices and new ways of working, there is the potential to expose new vectors that could be exploited by attackers, particularly targeting your Operational Technology (OT) .

Through extensive experience of working with like-minded organisations and systems integrators in the security community, T-Systems can help you move to the front foot and take control of your OT security. The introduction of effective policies and robust strategies will ensure you are looking beyond simply being reactive and are putting robust strategic plans in place for the future.  

Understand. Explore. Formulate.

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Understanding more about your own organisation’s most common areas of vulnerability will get you on the right track. Download our Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Paper 'Battling the ICS Risk – Industrial Control System Security' and take advantage of T-Systems’ practical experience in OT security strategy to address your security vulnerabilities.


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How big is your OT risk exposure?

Operating an OT environment is becoming increasingly dependent on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This intricate network of connected industrial devices (anything from small sensors to large industrial machinery) offers a new level of digital intelligence for industrial control solutions - enabling data to be collected, monitored, analysed and communicated with other devices. Although the business process efficiencies derived from IIoT network operation cannot be disputed, the security vulnerability that IIoT networks presents is significant and should not be overlooked.

Of course, IIoT network vulnerability cannot be assessed in isolation. It is important to consider the entire OT landscape - including the infrastructure on which it depends. The T-Systems ICS Security Readiness Assessment makes light work of this daunting task, providing you with the intelligence to understand how vulnerable your OT is and informs on the first steps to securing your OT environment.

Understand the risks specific to your business.

ICS Security Readiness Assessment_thumbnail_131x184The T-Systems ICS Security Assessment is an automated vulnerability assessment. The output of the assessment is a comprehensive report that forms the foundation of a robust and evidence-based ICS security strategy. This assessment is the first step in securing your OT environment and protecting against future vulnerabilities. Download T-Systems ICS Security paper to find out more.

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Security as a strategic agenda item – backed with investment

If you can build a compelling business case to put ICS Security high on the Board agenda, then investment in security solutions becomes easier to justify. However, the success of making a compelling case lies in your ability to explain the true value of investment in ICS security solutions and that can only be achieved if you are able to answer the following question: What is the forecast outcome if an investment is made in ICS security, versus the risk of doing nothing?

ICS Security Strategy: Making the case for investment

ICS Strategy Making the caes for investment paper_thumbnail_131x184How do you ensure that OT and IT Security gets the correct level of focus on the Board agenda and is backed by appropriate investment to keep your operational technology environment secure? Download our ICS Security Paper ‘Making the case for investment’ and take advantage of T-Systems’ practical experience in making the case for investment in security solutions.

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Three key steps to secure your OT network

Tackling Industrial Control System (ICS) security challenges is a complicated operation. Listen to our webinar ‘Three key steps to secure your OT network’ and learn from Scott Cairns, T-Systems Northern Europe CTO, how you can adopt a practical approach to building a strong foundation to protect your critical business systems.