Accelerate the benefits of your digital agenda with a managed cloud deployment of SAP software

With digital transformation comes promises of agility, innovation and cost effectiveness, so its little wonder that organisations are opting for a ‘cloud-first’ strategy. For many, a fully public cloud end-game is topping the agenda, but the reality for most organisations is that a dynamic hybrid solution landscape with a combination of on-premises, hosted private cloud and public cloud solutions will deliver optimal benefits. Make a cloud assessment the first step on your digital transformation agenda and learn how you could benefit from a T-Systems partner managed cloud to take your application management to the next level.

Our corner stones to a successful cloud migration

T-Systems Cloud Assessment Paper thumbnailPlanning and implementing a cloud strategy can present companies with major challenges. Get a cloud assessment to understand your IT landscape and get our recommendations for the migration of all your applications (including SAP) to the cloud.

Find out more about intelligent cloud adaption with T-Systems' Cloud assessment.

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Get a ‘fresh start’ for your legacy SAP estate with SAP partner managed cloud

SAP solutions are notoriously complex and can be expensive to run. Some of the most common contributors to both complexity and cost include:

  • Legacy and/or inherited SAP estates
  • Sprawling data sets with little or no data management strategy in place
  • Growth or reduction in licensed users
  • Being out of SAP maintenance for extended periods
  • Not opting for a ‘fully managed’ service

A partner managed cloud deployment could help to simplify your SAP estate, reducing both unnecessary complexity and costs. So why not get in touch to find out more? 

Increase Your Speed and Flexibility with a Managed Cloud Deployment of SAP Software

Fresh Start SAP Paper thumbnail-1Read this solution brochure about T-Systems partner managed cloud to learn how you can implement world-class SAP software faster and with no capital expenses. With T-Systems partner managed cloud and the expertise of T-Systems, you can focus on managing your business and not your IT.

Focus on managing your business, not your IT. Find out how with SAP's paper "Increase Your Speed and Flexibility with a Managed Cloud Deployment of SAP Software".

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Partner managed cloud frees up your in-house team to focus on what is important

Shortage of SAP skills is a real business problem and isn’t one that is likely to be resolved quickly. This is because SAP roles demand a blend of SAP technical knowledge, as well as business transformation expertise. Typically broad, SAP roles tend to cover the end-to-end process of designing, deploying and optimising the platform, in order to realise the benefits that SAP implementations promise. With demand for skills likely to rise as the 2025 S/4HANA deadline approaches, the skills gap is certain to get worse before it gets any better.

With T-Systems partner managed cloud, you have an opportunity to spend less time and energy building and maintaining IT systems and more time to focus on high value innovation that will benefit your business.

T-Systems’ Elena Ordóñez del Campo discusses the benefits of T-Systems partner managed cloud, the flexibility it provides, and how it can enable the Intelligent Enterprise. Find out how T-Systems can help you realise the benefits of T-Systems partner managed cloud.

See how T-Systems customers are already benefiting from T-Systems partner managed cloud.

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UK & Ireland SAP User Group Connect 2019

The S/4HANA clock is ticking

While you might think that the S/4 HANA 2025 deadline is a long way off, the clock is already ticking. Preparing for your move to HANA isn’t a simple task.  There are several good practice steps that you should take along the way and depending on the size and complexity of your existing SAP® estate, could take potentially three years to complete.

The good news is that we have got you covered! As a platinum SAP partner, we understand the challenges and complexity of SAP estates.

You don’t know where to start with your S/4HANA transformation strategy? Come and see us to get help at the UK & Ireland SAP User Group Connect conference at the ICC in Birmingham on 1st – 3rd of December. Our team of experts will be available on the stand to answer any SAP related questions that you might have.

Even better: you can get £100 off your ticket with our exclusive code. Simply register for the event and use the T-Systems' code tsyG619.

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