Is your production environment secure, and are your plant assets safe from cyber-attack? For manufacturers, the task of keeping Industrial Control Systems (ICS) secure is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.

Smart Manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 are driving digitisation across the manufacturing industry, and is a change agenda promising compelling business outcomes, helping to optimise process efficiency and enabling businesses to make rapid decisions based on real-time process control information.

For many organisations these transformation programmes are connecting the production environment and the Operational Technology (OT) networks to the IT networks. The resultant impact is an increased danger of security vulnerabilities being introduced, putting assets at risk.


Increased connectivity between IT and OT networks is growing the attack surface. The risks are far ranging and can affect organisations through financial and/or reputational damage. Attacks can bring about:

  • Productivity and quality control impact

  • Physical risks and safety issues

  • Data leaks – both Intellectual Property and customer data

Within the manufacturing environment, the scale of the Industrial Control Systems security problem cannot be underestimated, with many large assets being operated from multiple locations and geographies. It is a significant device landscape that is vulnerable to attack.

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